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The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra under Brian Schembri's direction is simply stunning.  - Tansman CD CPO (Ihr Opernratgeber, Sven Godenrath)

Brian Schembri made it obvious that he did not only have the score of Beethoven’s “Eroica” in his head but also in his fingertips. And so we heard with rather quick tempi warm colour mixtures, many dynamic shades, intensive tensions and only rarely too powerful sound concentrations. (Kleine Zeitung Kärnten, Austria)

The Orchestre National de France, conducted by Maltese conductor Brian Schembri, performed admirably throughout this long evening which lasted three hours.(La Clef RESMUSICA, Victoria Okada)

With Schembri we are in the presence of an eloquent musician in whom is combined humanity and high art, whose music-making is compassionate, yielding, grand ... His way of holding a piece together, his shaping and masking of a composer’s joins, his generation of dramatic tension and repose, reminded me of passed greats, of other worlds long ago.

(Sunday Times of Malta, Ateş Orga)

These sparkling performances from Brian Schembri and the excellent Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra could not be more stylish or persuasively spontaneous, and the vividly atmospheric recording is first rate. (Gramophone Magazine)

...the accompaniment of the Hong Kong Philharmonic would not be so beautiful without Brian Schembri's conducting and engagement with singer's performance making this show beautiful and impressive.

(Wen Wei Po, China)

Brian Schembri and the Hong Kong Philharmonic skillfully captured the perpetual waltz rhythm and occasional melancholic meandering to provide seamless lyrical and harmonic support to the cast.(


Under Brian Schembri’s direction, the Lübeck Philharmonic Orchestra unfolds a maelstrom, which you can not resist. What a cohesive and immersive music, what color in the instrumentation.

(Kultura Extra, Germany)

Conductor Brian Schembri spreads a dense, colourful orchestral  carpet [...] This evening gives lots of sensual moments of joy...(NDR Kultur, Germany)

The audience was swept away by music, staging and cast into the maelstrom between dream and reality. [...] An enjoyment of art through space and eras, the Lübeck Philharmonic conducted by Brian Schembri at times tender at others, masterly powerful.

(Schleswig Holstein Sunday, Germany)

The Lübeck Philharmonic Orchestra under guest conductor Brian Schembri resuscitated the score to its full flourishing beauty, [...] without exaggeration, a triumph for the Theater Lübeck and once again proof of the enormous capacity of the ‘smaller’ houses!

(Der Opernfreund, Germany)

At the premiere guest conductor Brian Schembri revealed the best of German Versimo in the heavy score. This melodious violence and the well-chosen ensemble convinced the enthusiastic audience at the premiere.(Kieler Nachrichten, Germany)

...aristocratic, vibrant, elegant gestures, clearly designing the music, without dryness or heaviness...(Lyon Figaro, France)

As soon as the curtain rises we are sure of success with Brian Schembri’s clear and secure conducting.(Opera International)

...a strong, generous and broad vision, as lyrical as one could imagine, without excess...a completely convincing and magnificent sound.

(Paris Normandie, France)

A pianist of high calibre.(The Times, UK)

...very well equipped, both technically and emotionally.(The Daily Telegraph, UK)

...light, full-bodied, unconventional conducting as if instead of conducting, he works the musical texture as a musician on his instrument...(Vecher, Yugoslavia)

Their playing was phenomenal, perfect. It was a wonderful show of irresistible conducting and flawless reactions of the musicians to the slightest nearly invisible gesture... (Gazeta Ostrowiecka, Poland)

...without the least fault in taste, there was passion and lyrical emotion.

(Est Republicain, France)

Everything sounds as if it has been meticulously prepared, but the control is never paralysing and the final impression is of focused vitality....he infused the interpretation with unbelievable warmth.

(The Sunday Times, Malta)

...he tackles the work with character and it delicacy and sensibility.

(Ouest France)

Brian Schembri with his nervous baton, his guiding gestures full of complicity and warmth, deserves a general bravo all for himself...”

(La Tribune Le Progres, France)

The reading was intelligent, musical and it did justice to this masterpiece (Shostakovich Symphony nr 14) was a great interpretation...a great symphonic concert...clearly the best concert of the season and the best event of all the Portuguese lyrical season.

(Crítica de Música - Álvaro Sílvio Teixeira, Portugal)

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